Life Altered

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About Us

About Life Altered

Life Altered all began in 1993,recording demos in 1993 to 2012 and has just released the "1996 Demos(2012),1996 Demos Pt. 2(2012) and Soundscapes(2013)" record's are now available on iTunes,Amazon,Spotify and Rhapsody.All there records including the (Special Editions) are available on CD at

The reason for the delay in the releasing recordings is because I was into other projects,but now i'm ready to unleash Life Altered music to the world.

All songs except Ador Of You,Undertrick and Beautiful Sunday were recorded using two tape decks and later a mini disk player/recorder.I think these recordings are unique and shows how a young broke musician recorded his music and would later be released all these years later.I know some people think i'm crazy for releasing such low quality recordings,I disagree.I feel very proud of these recordings as they are and holds a time in my life when I was writing songs by myself and trying to figure out how to record them.I think I did a pretty good job for only being 16 years old.

~Dave (Life Altered)

Life Alterd is a Christian Alternative / Metal / Hard Rock / Acoustic Rock band from the state of Arkansas.
Band Members:

David A. Kordsmeier: lead vocals,lead guitar rhythm guitar,drums,bass,songwriter production,mixing,engineering,cover photography

Rob Johnny: rhythm guitar,vocals,drum arrangements,drums,background vocals,keyboards,bass,songwriter production,mixing,engineering,cover photography